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  adventurers & companions - Discontinued -  

This range has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The only miniatures available to buy are at the top (Ms Temple). Miniatures in this section are created by Crooked Dice



Temporal Travellers

Ms Temple

Ms Temple holds down a job in an office, where she is known her red hair, as well as her fiery temperamen.



Melody and William

Scientific Advisors (ACSA)

Bright boffins are tasked with marshalling the nation's intelligence against conventional and extra-terrestrial threats – and these two women will be an asset to any scientific unit. Supplied with 2 bases.

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Melody and William

Action Melody Lake & Mr William Killan (ACMW)

Melody comes available in full action pose with a big gun. She also comes with an alternative photonic spanner. Meanwhile Mr Killlan tags along with his wife and Tweedy, getting in the way but sometimes managing to save the day through his power of serendipity.



May and Daisy

Casual May Killan & Daisy Taylor (ACMD)

May Killan isn’t always a Policewoman – so pick her up in her trendy casual wear. It still might not stop her continually stumbling into mysteries or being captured by the bad guys. Daisy Taylor is a child of the streets, a loner who knows the back ways to everywhere.



Temporal Travellers 2

Temporal Travellers 2:

Four more Temporal Travellers have arrived from across history. Daisy and May return, now armed to the teeth to repel any extraterrestrial invasion or time-travelling threat. Plus we have two classic plucky assistants in kinky boot, ready to investigate your chronal calamities, and ultimately get captured.



Time Lost Detectives

Time Lost Investigators (TLI)

These three victorian misfits include fighting duo Eliza and Genevieve, and mutated manservant Sachs.

Both Eliza and Sachs come with human heads. However alternate heads are also provided for free to provide variety!



Tweedy and WPC May

Tweedy & WPC May (ACTWPC)

The unlikely combination of mild manner academic and ex-Department X operative Tweedy Mattison and policewoman May Killan often spells the end of nefarious plots here, there and everywhere.



Tweedy 2 and Belle

Tweedy 2 & Belle (ACTW2B)

Tweedy Mattison returns! The ex-Department X investigator is clearly examining something interesting, while being immaculately dressed. His energetic companion Belle is just waiting for him to finish looking at the interesting something before they dash off for more exciting adventures.



Vortex Adventurers

Vortex Adventurers (ACVA)

These three vortex adventurers include war torn Professor Kane – who claims to have been fighting an eternal war through the ages; Marwood – an Edwardian scientist trapped forever in New Year’s Eve; and new scientific advisor Tucker Newman.



Gordon and Big Tam

General Gordon and 'Big Tam' Frazer (ACGGBT)

These Department X veterans bring their military expertise to the top secret organisation. Gordon (left) takes all manner of alien and unexplained threats in his stride, preferring to “shoot first and scrape the bits off later”. ‘Big Tam’ Frazer (one in the kilt) is Gordon’s right hand man, a hardy Scots veteran of many a campaign. The Department brings one or both of these men when hard force is required, and so far they have never failed.

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Vortex Adventurers

Hugo Soloman and/or Pandora King (ACHSPK)

Buy individually, or together for a discount. Click image for more details.

Solomon combines his gadgets and mental powers to overcome obstacles, while high-kicking unarmed combat master King prefers the more direct approach.

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