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  The Army painter battlefields range (WHile stock lasts)  

The Battlefields series has been made to give unlimited options to the wargamer.
All the materials are the best quality the market can offer.

The specialised range of Battlefields products are called XP range. These will add very realsitic and cool effects to any base. If you want to make an army a cut above the rest - look through the XP series for just that!

Click on the images for a closer view!!

.................. Snow Flock

Battlefields SNOW Flock (BFSNOW)

The most popular basing in the Wargaming world, the Arctic look will enhance the overall greatness of any army and make the models stand out on any battlefield. Combine Snow Flock with the Highland Tufts (and even Barb Wire) to get the most realistic and unforgivng bases possible.The absolute coolest look for your bases is done with the 6mm Highland Tufts - if you are a Wargamer you need these in your life! Easy to use and stunningly realistic - these tufts are the first in the new XP series of basing material from The Army Painter.


.................. Wasteland Tuft 6mm

Battlefields XP: Wasteland Tuft 6mm (BF4135)

These tuft have a darker base and a more "torn" look to them, making them ideal for basing evil armies, emphasizing on their demeanor. They are also a great contrast to light basing materials - like Brown Battleground basing for instance. Try combining the Wasteland Tuft with Poison Ivy for those Vampire Count bases...


.................. Tundra Tuft 6mm

Battlefields XP: Tundra Tuft (BF4136)

The Tundra Tuft is a cool (pun intended) and fantastic looking piece of basing material to add to any snow or winter base. The frosted look on the grass tufts gives the impression of hazardous and icy weather and will add character to any army - be it good or bad (or worse)


  Swamp Tuft 6mm

Battlefields XP: Swamp Tuft 6mm (BF4127)

These Tufts are greener than the Highland Tuft and are especially good for forest or more lush/summer looking bases than the other. This is a fantastic product and has to be seen to be believed.


  Winter Tuft

Battlefields XP: Winter Tuft 6mm (BF4131)

Winter Tufts are created to resemble bleached/dead grass during very cold months. It looks particularly well with Snow Flock (coming soon) added to the base as well, giving the perfect illusion of a frosted battlefield. Try experimenting with combining Winter Tuft and Highland Tuft for Autumn seasons.



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