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  All miniatures are to a 1/60 scale. (28-30mm)  
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What's New?

February 18th - Pre Order your Marvel miniatures and get a 20% discount on the RRP.

February 10th - Jersey Barriers and 3 Tank Trap/Dragons teeth sections have all been uploaded!

February 3rd - More resin vehicles! I have uploaded a Jackal and WMIK Land Rover which are both limited availablility. I have also uploaded a 4x4 version of the Pinzgauer. So go check them out here: Resin Vehicles

August to December - I forgot to update this area, so here's some of the items I uploaded in this time:
Paranormal Exterminators 2
Paranormal Janey
Scientic Advisors
Army Section
Ms Lovely Day

Resin 6X6 Pinzgauer

Brown and Gold Lichen

July 6th - Resin Boulder bases in sizes 25 to 50mm now available!

June 2nd - Woodland Indians, perfect for apocalyptic tribes and gangs!

May - 19th - New to our website today: Harbingers, Coppers 2, and finally 2 packs of Savage School Girls.

March 7th - 4 NEW Dreamforge boxes are now on the website. They include Valkir assault, Support and Heavy troops, as well as the amazing APC! Check out the range here: Dreamforge Range

Feb 20th - The organic arches are now available in the "sci fi fantasy features".

Dec 15th - Resin Central Computer is now available. Also now available on our website are the secon pack of the Dept X Commandos.

Sept 12th - Bioblyte range has been extended. The Armless Beings and the Infantry Support have now be joined by Armoured troops and the Lacerators!! Check them all out here: Bioblyte Range.

Also released, is the brilliant sulpt by Inso, who goes by the name of Hannibal!

July 21st - American War of Independence minaitures are now available here: AWI

July 7th - New minis from Zeke Miniatures now available in the Survivors and Law Enforcement sections!

June - Dept X Commandos, Pandora King and Hugo Soloman now available.

May 9th - Fiesty Feudal Females are now uploaded to our website all the way from Shadowforge Miniatures.

April 14th - Gunny Bunners, Gladiatrix and female Gangers are all now available on our website.

April 1st and 8th - Marine Scouts and Detectives & Lowlifes are now available! The Survivors also have some new arrivales!

March 11th - 11 new miniatures have been uploaded. Go to the "New Miniatures" section to see which ones!

January 29th - New seciton added: "Street Features". We have uploaded 2 resin police boxes, and a telephone box.

December 24th - Free Zombie Apocalypse rules are now available for download!

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you'll be back soon to check out new items!





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