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  Hospital - Expansion Pack  

Expansion Pack



Click image above to view front and back of figures..

Expansion packSingle story, two ward hospital


This is an expansion pack (extended cut) for the "Single Story Hospital". The prints in this pack will only work if the "Single Story Hospital" is also purchased. The pack contains new prints for the following:

1) Lift/Stairwell sections - A fully functional stairs, with a lift to the side. It allows you to build taller buildings, and allows you to get to the roof.

2) New hallway end section - These sections allow wards to sprue of in two directions, rather than just towards the back of the hospital. They are optional, and not needed to extend the building wider.

3) Stackable fire escape
- This connects to the day room of the ward sections. It allows each ward to have an escape route, and can be stacked as high as you like. For example, if you have a 5 story building, simply stack 4 of them on top of each other.

4) A new entrance and hallway section - This is needed to make the hospital wider. Two sections are provided, one with an entrance, and the othe with a plain wall for the room above the entrance.

5) New roof sections - These are provided to accomodate each of the new sections.

This download only covers the sections as mentioned and photographed in the main photo. The price does not include furniture, figures, trees, or other scenic material. For these items, please check out the rest of our store.

You will recieve 2 PDF files, one set of instructions, and another file containing the prints.

Versions are available for either the UK paper size "A4" (29.7cm x 21cm) or for American "Letter" size paper (11" x 8.5").

Maximum Overall Dimensions of Entire Structure:

Created by: Carl Sutherwood

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